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As a family, while growing up it was our yearly tradition to donate toys and bring them to the children that were in the care of “Child Haven”. It was something that my sister Stephanie and I would look forward to doing every year. Our parents Frank and Lori have always led by example and taught Stephanie and I the importance of being a part of our community, as well as giving back to our community. This is something they have always felt so strongly about, but even more so when it came to our community children and just children in general. They have always held an extra special place in all of our hearts.

We have all had, or can at least relate to difficulties and challenges that are sometimes faced in life. Especially within these past several years with all of the economic changes. We can definitely relate and have also been dealing with the loss of our Dad. Family was everything to him, he showed us every single day how much he loved all of us. When he became a Grandpa, there was nothing that made him happier than spending time with his Grandkids. You could see his eyes and heart light up every time he saw them.

Coming into this holiday season and it also being our Dad’s birthday, we began to reminisce about some of our family traditions this time of year and how exciting it always was to us. We realized that for most kids the holidays are a very exciting time of the year, but for some kids it can be very difficult. We have made the decision in honor of our Dad and our childhood family tradition to host a Toy Drive for the children that are in the care of “Child Haven”, The Clark County Department of Family Services (DFS).

Upon speaking to a few of the representatives from DFS, our motivation and passion to help make a difference to their children as well as raise the awareness to the community of this organization has grown immensely. We have been informed that a lot of their children spend the holidays alone with little to look forward to. It doesn’t matter the price or size of the unwrapped gift, it is the gesture and thought behind the gift that will show a “child” that they have not been forgotten, there are people thinking of them and they are loved. Please join us in helping their children remember that they are not alone and are surrounded by a community that is full of amazing people here to embrace them and get them through this difficult time.

We genuinely believe in and support this organization for everything they do for their children in their care. DFS protects children from abuse and neglect, and has approximately 4,200 children currently in their system. They stated they have more children in their system this year than ever before and expect to experience an increase in the months of November and December. The ages of their children range from infant to 18 years old. We are deeply appreciative to those individuals and businesses for their donations and have had some very generous gifts donated for a drawing that will be held at the conclusion of the Toy Drive. Everyone that donates will be able to participate in the drawing. In order to be eligible for the drawing, please fill out an entry form when dropping off your unwrapped gift.

Donations are to be dropped off at our office, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and will be picked up regularly by DFS. Donations will be accepted from 11/14/2013 until 12/20/2013.

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generosity and kindness!

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